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Based in the UK, SupaSoft have worked exceptionally hard to perfect their soft-touch loft insulation that's safe, environmentally friendly and easy to install.

SupaSoft offers an alternative type of insulation that has been manufactured for those who suffer from irritation through traditional sheep’s wool insulation.

Unlike the standard form of loft insulation, SupaSoft loft insulation has been made with recycled plastic bottles and 100% recycled polyester fibres. In doing this, SupaSoft diverts tonnes of waste plastic from landfill or incineration.

SupaSoft insulation contains no harmful chemicals or binders, allowing you to handle the product with ease, although it is recommended to wear dust masks in enclosed spaces such as lofts.

Their loft insulation has long-lasting capabilities, with the benefits of cost savings in terms of energy consumption on your heating bills.

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