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Repair, maintain and protect roofs and gutters with the Thompson’s range of professional grade sealants, liquid rubber, repair mastic and more.

Thompson’s boast a selection of high quality and highly effective roofing accessories and tools such as their roof and gutter seals which immediately fill and bridge small gaps and holes in roofs and guttering, even in heavy rain. These seals flex with the natural movement of the roof, often outperforming traditional bitumen paint.

Their emergency roof repair mastic is ideal for repairing large holes or gaps in flat roofs, leaving a water tight repair, even in heavy rain or under ponding water.

Thompson’s Isoflex Liquid Rubber is 5 x more flexible than traditional bitumen coatings, providing up to 20 years of protection. It’s tough, durable finish will not crack or peel and can be used on virtually all roofing surfaces in tandem with the Isoflex Special Primer.

Browse our full range of roofing materials, or to find out more about Thompson’s products and how they can work for you, feel free to call our customer service team on the number above or speak to us in the chat box on the bottom right.


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