40mm Stainless Steel Roof Drain Outlets

At Roofing Superstore, we have plenty of flat roof materials for you to complete your build. Whether you are working on a new roof or you’re carrying out refurbishments, we have the materials you need to create a strong, long-lasting roofing drainage system. 

Are you looking for some more advice before you commit to a purchase of a new 40mm stainless steel roof drain outlet? Our customer services team can help! Simply call us on 01752 692 760 or get in touch via our live chat facility on your screen for more information.

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Flat roof drainage

Our range of flat roof drainage products include many outlets from trusted brands such as Caroflow, Wallbarn and Klober so you can be sure of a quality, reliable flat roof drains no matter which product you buy. We offer a large range of products, from TPE outlets for bituminous membranes and fibreglass roofs to PVC outlets for synthetic membranes, we can provide flat roof drainage for all substrates.

Browse our catalogue of 40mm diameter stainless steel roof outlets for bitumen membranes with 400mm x 400mm and 280mm x 280mm flanges.

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