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Freefoam Ogee PVC Fascia

The Ogee range of PVC fascia products from Freefoam is one of the most popular ranges available in the fascia and soffit market today. Freefoam have been manufacturing uPVC fascia and soffit boards for a number of years, ensuring that each product made is of the highest quality, and is effective in protecting the structure of the building from weathering and damage, whilst also providing a sleek and complete finish to your home.

Ogee PVC fascia 

Ogee fascia boards are fascia products that have a moulded edge profile at the bottom of the board, which creates a shape that looks like an S at the bottom. The Ogee profile fascia boards are popular as they add a slight detail to the edging of the fascia that outlines the roof, creating a traditional yet sleek finish to the home or building.

Ogee fascia boards are manufactured from uPVC, which is durable, corrosion resistant and unaffected by warping, blistering or cracking, unlike more traditional fascia. The ogee PVC boards also have a top coating of rigid PVC which creates a smooth, protective and hardwearing skin for maximum durability. Additionally, replacement ogee boards are lightweight and easy to install, using similar methods to traditional fascia installation.

Ogee cappit boards are designed to simply fit over existing fascia boards, reducing the time required to install, and eliminating the need to spend time removing existing fascia. Cappit boards are a great way to update the exterior of your home without spending large amounts of time and money. 

Not sure which Ogee PVC fascia boards are best for your project? Call the team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be happy to offer product advice and recommendations.

Products in Freefoam Ogee PVC Fascias:

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Showing 1-20 of 20