Freefoam Plain Fascia Board - Leather Brown

Leather brown fascia boards from Freefoam are just one of many coloured products within the plain fascia range. Freefoam are considered by many the market leaders in the PVC fascia and soffit industry, and manufacture a wide range of PVC fascia products in a number of different colours and styles. 

Leather brown plain fascia boards

The plain leather brown fascia boards are popular to create a sleek and uniform finish to your home. The plain style fascia boards are simple yet effective, with no embellished designs, but just a simple uniform appearance. 

Using PVC fascia boards on your property is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, PVC is an incredibly lightweight yet strong material, meaning that the fascia boards can be transported and carried easily, as well as making the installation process quicker.  

The Freefoam fascia boards have a cellular foam core, which then has a top coating of rigid PVC. This rigid PVC acts as a protective skin, and is incredibly hardwearing, reducing the impact of weathering and erosion, whilst also protecting the roof structure from damage.

uPVC fascia boards in leather brown are also resistant to normal levels of acids, alkalis and other corrosive or polluting substances that occur within the atmosphere. 

The leather brown fascia boards are popular due to their dark appearance that doesn’t fade over time. This is due to Freefoam’s innovative Colormax technology, which creates a level of colourfastness otherwise unachievable. 

As well as Freefoam fascia boards in leather brown, Freefoam also offer a number of accessories and ancillaries. These include leather brown end caps, leather brown corner and a number of fixings to ensure that the fascia is consistent, wrapping the whole roofline in a single colour.

Not sure which Freefoam fascia boards you need? Don’t hesitate to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to offer advice and recommendations. 

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