Freefoam Plain Fascia Board - Black Ash Woodgrain

Find the latest range of plain fascia board products in black ash woodgrain from Freefoam. Freefoam have been manufacturing fascia boards and soffits for a number of years, as well as a number of accessories to complement the facia. The Freefoam roofline system is fully integrated, meaning that fascia and soffit products can be used to create a complete finished roofline system, with a range of different options.

The plain fascia board products are popular when looking to create a simple, uniform and straight edged finish to your roofline. The black ash woodgrain fascia board products are popular when looking for a more traditional finish, as the black ash colour with woodgrain effect creates the appearance of traditional wooden fascia and soffits, but with all the benefits of PVC fascia and soffit products.

Benefits of black ash woodgrain plain fascia boards

The black ash woodgrain fascia boards are much more lightweight than wooden products, making the transportation and installation process quick and easy. Additionally, once the black ash woodgrain fascia is installed, there is very little maintenance required.

Black ash woodgrain fascia boards are manufactured from a foam core, which has a top coating of rigid PVC. This PVC coating provides a smooth, protective and hardwearing skin, making the fascia boards long lasting and durable.

Freefoam have created an innovative Colourmax technology, which allows them to provide a 10 year transferable guarantee on all woodgrain Freefoam products. This technology means that the colour will not fade over time, and the woodgrain range has a built in foil which reduces heat absorption, increases sun reflection and minimise expansion and contraction of the fascia.

Unlike traditional wooden fascia products, the Freefoam black ash woodgrain plain fascia boards will not warp, crack or blister over time, increasing durability. The facia boards also have been tested against fire, giving them fire resistant properties.

Cappit fascia boards have been designed to fit over existing fascia. This makes it easier than ever before to install hardwearing fascia, as no time is required to remove existing fascia, which saves on labour costs.

Not sure which fascia board products you need for your project? Don’t hesitate to call the team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

Products in Freefoam Black Ash Woodgrain Plain Fascia Boards:

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