Lindab Painted Steel Guttering - Anthracite Grey

Lindab’s HB Polyester Painted steel guttering is manufactured from lightweight galvanised steel that’s finished with a coat of 275g of zinc, to prevent discolouration or rusting. The zinc coat is then painted with high-build (HB) paint to give the desired colour finish. The coating has a 15-year warranty and the guttering itself has a life expectancy of 70 years so HB Polyester Painted steel guttering is a great choice for refurbishment projects and new builds. Fit flush to the wall, half round gutters and downpipes need only the occasional wipe down to keep this modern, stylish system clean.

Anthracite Grey Guttering

Lindab’s HB Polyester Painted steel guttering comes in the ever-popular Anthracite Grey. A trendy colour in DIY and professional construction alike, the colour mixes effortlessly with most tile colour profiles and slates too so it can be used on many buildings. Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) allows you to blend your guttering discretely into the façade of the building or it allows you accent the façade, boldy drawing attention to your colour scheme. This new Lindab colour is available in half round gutters of 125mm and 150mm diameters in 2m and 3m runs with round downpipes in 75mm, 87mm and 100mm diameters.

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