Code 4 Lead Flashing - 6m Rolls

Roofing Superstore code 4 lead flashing is 1.80mm thick, weighing 20.41 kg/m2. Its popularity exceeds the rest when it comes to lead flashing because it provides malleability and resistance to splits. Our milled lead is also produced in the UK to BS EN 12588:2006 standard to ensure you’re satisfied and reassured with the quality.

You can find our roofing lead rolls in a variety of thicknesses for different applications. Check out the range to spot your ideal roofing lead price. 

Code 4 lead flashing can be used for a variety of projects, including soakers, vertical cladding and a range of roof flashings purposes to window flashings, apron and cover flashings, chimney flashings, step flashings and more. 

For soakers, code 4 lead flashing is chosen most often due to it being the maximum allowed thickness – if a thicker lead flashing is chosen it may result in poor tile or slate structure.  

For all flashings, our code 4 lead is the minimum required thickness, so is often chosen for a range of lead for roofing projects.

Our code 4 lead flashing comes in 6-metre rolls, and widths ranging from 100mm to 1.3m and is available at the most competitive prices to suit your project.

Want some advice or need to check details? Call our knowledgeable team on 01752 691760 and they’ll have all the information you need. If in doubt, please use our guide to lead codes for more information on using the correct thickness for your project.

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