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Lead flashing is an integral part of any roof. Used to seal gaps, it prevents rainwater from entering a property and protects against the dangers of damp ingress. In the UK, our lead flashing is milled to BS EN 12588:2006 standard, and we offer a choice of 3 or 6 metre lead rolls and sheets in a variety of widths.

Roofing lead isn’t suited to DIY projects, as installation is a skill which takes years of experience to perfect. This means you’ll require a professional to lay lead flashing, which should be taken into account when you budget for the total cost of your roof. One thing to double-check is that the nails and screws used in installation have a similar life expectancy to the lead. Typically, this means using copper, but a professional will be able to guide you on the right materials for your project.

Available in different codes, lead tends to be easily shaped, long-lasting and flexible in all weather conditions. It’s also a 100% recycled material.

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