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Duct tape and gaffer tape are both product names that have been used interchangeably amongst DIYers and construction industry professionals. Did you know that there are several properties and qualities of both duct tape and gaffer tape that mean they're applicable for different uses and conditions? 

Duct Tape: What is it used for?

Duct tape has been used for generations thanks to its impressive strength and adhesion. One of the common materials in any tradesperson’s kit, duct tape is an all-purpose tape for construction applications as well as in insulatiom installation, plumbing, scaffolding, HVAC installation and more. Duct tape sticks to most common surfaces and every roll available below is waterproof – you can use duct tape internally and externally.

Thanks to duct tape’s waterproof qualities you use it for wind proofing and waterproofing windows and doors and to hold guttering in place temporarily if you lose or break a fixing clip for example. Duct tape isn’t however recommended for uses where the tape is likely to get hot as heat causes the tape to lose some of its adhesin so it’s likely to slip out of place or become loose.

Gaffer Tape: What’s it used for?

Gaffer tape, getting its name from the professionals that commonly use it in theatre, film and TV work, is a strong, fabric-backed tape that has as many applications as duct tape. It can be used in heat ranges from -20° to 60° without losing its adhesion so it’s perfect for duct work, heating and ventilating repairs and installation and temporary pipe repair. Thanks to its tensile strength and how easy it is to tear by hand, it makes the perfect addition to any tradesperson’s toolkit.

What’s the difference between duct tape and gaffer tape?

Duct tape and gaffer tape are similar in their all-purpose applications but there are several key differences between the two that could influence which product you choose to use. Gaffer tape is more resistant to heat than duct tape, and gaffer tape can also be removed without damaging the surface of, or leaving any sticky residue behind on, whatever it was stuck to. 

Duct tape is commonly silver in colour and can be found sometimes in a limited amount of other bright colours. Gaffer tape is readily available in many different colours thanks to its history of use in TV, film and theatre production. Duct tape features a vinyl or polyethylene backing whilst gaffer tape has a fabric backing.

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