Actis Multifoil Insulation

ACTIS is the market leader in thin multifoil insulation, constantly innovating and developing new ideas to create the best performing multifoil insulation products possible. Here at Roofing Superstore we are please to be able to offer this range of ACTIS multifoil insulation to you at our famously competitive prices.

ACTIS multifoil products have been constructed using a number of multi-layered reflective films that have been sewn to foams to form thin insulation blankets.

Triso Super 10 ACTIS multifoil

The Triso Super 10 multifoil insulation is ideal for pitched roof over rafter, under rafter, attic conversions and dormer applications. At only 35mm thick, this multifoil insulation product has the specific advantage of minimising the height of the roofline whilst still providing adequate insulation.

H Control Hybrid ACTIS multifoil

The H Control Hybrid insulation is a multifoil product that works as a reflective vapour control layer, whilst having built in thermal performance, meaning that it can provide both VCL properties and insulating properties within the one product, reducing the number of insulation steps and the thickness of required insulation.

Hybris ACTIS multifoil

Hybris is a reflective insulation product for timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs or ceiling applications, with a design that has been based on a honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure consists of shaped polyethylene foams glued to aluminium coated polyethylene foils, and this unique design provides high thermal performance, because of the combination of a large number of low emissivity cavities.

If you have any questions about ACTIS multifoil products, feel free to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be able to provide help and guidance.

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