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Here at Roofing Superstore we have a number of smart ridge products from Manthorpe, a specialist in the building industry, manufacturing goods that help to improve building quality, whilst reducing costs and time required. The Smart Ridge collection from Manthorpe is no different – the products were created to help reduce issues and maintenance required with roof ridges.

If you have any queries regarding Manthorpe SmartRidge and SmartVerge products, read on to find out more. Alternatively give our team of experts a call on 01752 692760 or use the live chat – they are available 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and will be more than happy to offer advice and try to accommodate specific requirements where possible.

What is the Manthorpe SmartRidge system?

The SmartRidge system from Manthorpe has been developed as an alternative to the traditional wet fixing method of fitting ridge tiles to the roof ridge with sand and mortar. 

How does the Manthorpe SmartRidge system work?

The Manthorpe SmartRidge system consists of a number of components that come together to create the perfect secure and waterproof yet ventilated roof ridge. The SmartRidge system consists of a saddle clamp, that provides a stable mounting that then can be used to fix a ridge batten to the apex of the roof. This ridge batten is then used to fit the Manthorpe dry ridge tile. 

Manthorpe SmartVerge end caps

The Manthorpe SmartVerge end caps have been designed to work in conjunction with the Manthorpe SmartRidge and SmartVerge systems. The ridge end caps are easily and quickly fixed to each end of the roof ridge, and prevent birds and insects from entering the roof space, as well as acting as a barrier to wind driven rain and water penetration.

Why opt for a Manthorpe SmartRidge?

The Manthorpe SmartRidge roofing system has a number of benefits.

Easy installation

Firstly, the SmartRidge system is a dry system, as opposed to the traditional wet fix roof ridge system, that uses sand and mortar. The first benefit of using a dry ridge system is that it is much easier to fix, reducing installation times and costs. Manthorpe provide simple installation instructions for their SmartRidge system which can be found here.


The dry ridge Manthorpe system has a level of flexibility within it that allows for natural thermal movement of the roof. This means that when the roof naturally expands or contracts slightly as temperatures fluctuate, the roof ridge does not crack or split, unlike wet ridge systems, which have no flexibility.

Maintenance free

Another benefit of the Manthorpe SmartRidge system is that it requires no maintenance. Traditional wet ridge systems often crack and split, meaning that the roof ridge needs to be monitored, and the mortar needs to be replaced periodically. In comparison, the SmartRidge system does not experience cracks or splits, meaning it can be left without requiring regular monitoring and maintenance. 


The Manthorpe SmartRidge system has been designed to secure the roof ridge, to prevent any birds, rodents or insects from entering, as well as rain. However, it still allows for ventilation to occur – the equivalent ventilation that would be produced from a 5mm gap. 

Universal use

Regardless of the roof type you are creating, the Manthorpe SmartRidge system can be used. This includes slate roofs, profile tile roofs, and non profile tile roofs, and can be used on roofs with pitches between 15 and 55 degrees.

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