Decra Noxite Tiles

Decra Noxite Tiles have been specially designed to provide cleaner air, free from nitrogen oxides generated by car exhausts and other manufacturing processes. The tiles hold the traditional appearance of clay or concrete tiles in charcoal colour but are coated in Noxite granules.

Weighing just one-seventh of concrete roof tiles Decra Noxite Tiles can be used for roofs with pitches down to 10 degrees. Thanks to Decra’s fully dry fixed roofing system the tiles offer maximum storm resistance and exceptional weather resistance. Eco-friendly tiles are becoming more and more popular with Decra Noxite’s air-purifying qualities a firm favourite amongst green architects, eco-homes and self-builders. Contact our roofing experts on 01752 692760 if you’d like more information on Decra Noxite Tiles, or if you need advice regarding installation. 

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