Metrotile Shingles

Metrotile shingles are a lightweight, strong and durable form of roof shingle that is stronger and thinner than traditional roofing shingles. Metrotile shingle tiles are made from high quality steel that is then galvanised with an aluminium, magnesium and zinc compound, and then covered with a stone-chip coating. The steel can be pressed much thinner than a traditional roofing tile, but is much stronger, so metrotile shingles can be up to eight times lighter than more traditional roofing materials.

Metrotile shingles are based on the North American timber shingle design, making the roof simple and elegant whilst also being practical. They can also be used as vertical cladding for your home or building, because it has been designed with a unique hidden fix system – this means that no nails are exposed and so will not be corroded by rainwater.

Choose from a range of colours, from charcoal and ebony to antique red, moss green or burnt umber, and if you have any questions don’t forget you can give our friendly team a call on 01752 692760.


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