Fibre Cement Slate

Fibre cement slates are becoming increasingly popular within the construction industry, for both roofing and facades, so Roofing Superstore is proud to offer the latest ranges of fibre cement slates at our famously competitive prices. 

What are fibre cement slates?

Fibre cement slates are slates that have been manufactured from fibre cement, to produce an alternative to natural slate that has economic and environmental advantages, as well as a number of other benefits. Manufactured alongside these slates are their ridges for continous ventilation at the ridge, required on all slate roofs. 

Advantages of fibre cement slates

Firstly, fibre cement slates are much more consistent than natural slate. This means that they provide much more stability than natural slate, as the inconsistencies in natural slate can create weaknesses within the roof covering structure. 

As well as stability, the consistency of fibre cement slates removes the need to grade and sort slates before installation onsite, and reduces the amount of wastage created. 

Fibre cement slates are much more lightweight than natural slate. This not only makes handling and installation quicker and easier, but also means that the building does not require a heavy load bearing framework, unlike projects that use natural slate roofing. 

Fibre cement is 100% recyclable, meaning that fibre-cement slates have good environmental credentials. Additionally, the lightweight property of fibre-cement means that carbon emissions are lower in the transportation process. 

Different types of fibre cement slates

Here at Roofing Superstore we offer a number of different fibre cement slates from well known and reputable brands.

SVK fibre cement slate

SVK have been manufacturing fibre cement and other construction products for over a century, so have plenty of experience in the manufacturing and production of innovative and problem-solving products. The SVK fibre cement slate range comes in a variety of different finishes, but are all durable, consistent and are coated with an environmentally friendly coating that prevents moss growth.

Cembrit fibre cement slate

Cembrit are one of the market leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of fibre-cement construction products in both the UK and Europe. The Cembrit range of fibre cement slates has a number of different options regarding style, texture and colour, and have been created to provide the most efficient and cost effective product that does not compromise on aesthetics.

Marley fibre cement slate

Marley have been producing roofing products for over 100 years, so have a wealth of knowledge and experience in producing functional and innovative products that do not compromise on style. The Marley range of fibre cement slates provides solutions for both regular and low pitched roofs, and come in a number of different textured finishes that resemble natural slate.

Vertigo vertical fibre cement slates

The Vertigo range of fibre cement slates comes from Marley, and has been designed specifically  for use as a cladding material. The Vertigo fibre cement range comes in a wide range of colours, to create the perfect finish for your building, whilst being lightweight and resistant to both weather and temperature. The Vertigo slate range allows you to unleash your creativity whilst ensuring the property is protected with functional tiles.

If you have any questions regarding fibre cement slates, or would like advice relating to your specific project, feel free to call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help you.

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