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What are western red cedar shingles?

Western red cedar shingles are roofing shingles manufactured from very high quality cedar. Red western cedar shingles are manufactured from cedar that has been sourced from forests in Canada which are sustainable and responsibly managed, with policies in place to ensure species that are harvested are then replanted in larger quantities than are harvested. 

Why use red western cedar shingles?

Western cedar shingles in red create an attractive, natural finish to your building, that adds a high quality appearance to your home or building, and can be used for homes, gazebos, outbuildings and much larger projects. Over time, western red cedar shingles will weather to a natural reddish brown shade. 

The responsible sourcing of cedar shingles means that western red cedar shingles are one of the roofing products that have the lowest carbon footprints, making them an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Additionally, cedar shingles are a bi-product, created from material that is left after logs are processed, meaning very little energy is used to create the shingles. These reasons are why western red cedar shingles are A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide.

Another benefit of using western red cedar shingles is that cedar has a lifespan of 50 years or more, making it durable, and meaning that the roofing materials will not need replacing regularly.  Western red cedar is also naturally resilient to insect attacks and decay.

As well as providing a naturally stunning roof, western red cedar shingles are also lightweight, resistant to weather and temperature extremes, and rigid to create a stable and effective roof. Western red cedar shingles can also be used on roofs as low pitched as 14 degrees.

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