Velux Electric Blackout Blinds (Post 2014) - MK06 - 78cm x 118cm

If you're looking for a blackout blind that completely blocks out light, look no further. VELUX blackout blinds have been manufactured with triple-layered dirt resistant OEKO-TEX fabric, which blocks out all light, as well as reducing heat gain in the Summer and heat loss in the Winter - due to the aluminium layer. 

Electrically operated blackout blinds come with a number of benefits. As well as providing a solution to opening and closing blinds in hard to reach places, opting for an electrically operated VELUX blackout blind provides you with a number of pre-loaded settings, from the "Good Morning" program which opens your blackout blind at a specific time each morning, to the "Vacation Program" which opens and closes your blinds throughout the day, and programs you can develop yourself. 

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