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Tailor-made for each VELUX window size, VELUX and Disney have collaborated to offer the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection of blackout blinds. There are so many options for young children and even those that are just young at heart. Disney princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Mickey Mouse and more favourite Disney characters offer something for everyone from this inspiring and high-quality range. Star Wars fan? There's something for them here too with the VELUX Star Wars collection

There’s no compromise on quality or function as VELUX Disney blinds are manufactured from dirt-resistant triple-layered fabric for a long life with low maintenance. These VELUX Disney blinds have been manufactured with children in mind as the OEKO-TEX fabric is dirt resistant. VELUX Disney blinds promote creativity and playfulness whilst fueling the imagination without making permanent changes to a room. Future-proof by decorating with VELUX Disney blinds where it’s easy to swap blinds out for new, simpler styles as children grow through their teens.

VELUX have made their collection with Disney as easy to install as all their other blinds. Each VELUX window has a pre-installed blind bracket at the top so to find a perfectly fitting blind for that window, match the code from the VELUX window label to the VELUX Disney blind code. For example, a CK01 VELUX window will need a CK01 VELUX Disney blind. It takes just a few minutes to click the blind into place into the bracket on all VELUX windows thanks to a patented Pick&Click! system.

All VELUX Disney blinds are blackout blinds, blocking even the brightest light from entering the room thanks to aluminium side rails to stop any light from peaking around the sides of the blinds. Give children a better night’s sleep, or nap during the day, with VELUX Disney blackout blinds.

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Showing 1-36 of 252