VELUX Energy Saving Blinds

If you’re looking to save energy and reduce your impact on the environment, choosing a VELUX blackout energy saving blind instead of a regular blind is a quick and simple way to do so. Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of VELUX energy saving blinds at our famously competitive prices, and in a range of colours and operations to choose from. All VELUX blinds have been manufactured to fit each VELUX roof window perfectly.

What are VELUX blackout energy saving blinds?

VELUX energy blinds consist of a double pleated polyester blackout cloth, combined with an interior aluminium panel in a honeycomb structure. 

Why choose a VELUX energy saving blind?

Blackout feature

The combination of blackout material and a honeycomb structure creates a complete blackout, preventing any light from entering the room when closed. This means that it is perfect for children’s daytime naps, people who work night shifts, and for bedrooms in general.

Insulating material

As well as creating a blackout, the combination of a double pleated cloth and honeycomb aluminium structure acts as a great form of insulation. This helps to reduce energy bills, as less energy is required to keep the house warm. 


The energy saving blinds from VELUX are attractive as well as practical and energy saving. There are a range of colour options available, and the double pleated cloth is a simple, subtle and elegant addition to the room.

Different types of operation

VELUX energy saving blinds can be purchased with a range of different operations – manual, electric or solar powered.

Manual energy blinds are simply operated by pulling the control bar up or down. The cords are concealed between the layers of fabric to add to the sleek style, and the blind can be positioned anywhere on the window.

Electrically operated energy saving blinds are a great option when looking for a roof window that is out of easy reach, or just for added convenience. They are a great choice when finding a blind for a VELUX INTEGRA window, as they use the same wireless electric system with a remote control, but can also be used on manual windows – they just require a conversion kit. 

Another option if you’re looking for a remote controlled blind that is environmentally friendly is a solar powered energy saving blind. Solar powered energy blinds are operated with a remote control, and powered with a solar battery, that is placed on the roof. Solar powered blinds can be combined with a solar powered INTEGRA VELUX window to work with the control panel. This allows pre-set programmes to be created to open or close blinds at specific times, to create the perfect indoor climate.

Want to know more about VELUX energy saving blinds, or advice on which blind works best for you? Call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

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