Velux Blinds For Flat Roof Windows

Here at Roofing Superstore we offer a range of blinds from Velux to fit on your Velux flat roof windows. Whether you’re wanting to dim the light, just diffuse it slightly, or reduce heat fluctuations, there are flat roof window blinds specifically for these functions.

Pleated blinds

Velux pleated blinds are designed to soften the daylight that comes through the roof window, reducing the brightness without completely darkening the room. They are made of a translucent polyester cloth, with side channels made from anodised aluminium, to prevent light leakage. The pleated blinds are controlled by the Velux control pad supplied with your original Integra window – if you wish to use it on a fixed flat window you’ll need to purchase a conversion kit.

Awning blinds

Awning blinds were created to prevent the sun from heating the window pane of your flat roof window, by filtering the sunlight. They are installed between the window and dome, and are made of a transparent PVC coated net fabric, with white lacquered aluminium side channels to prevent light leakage. Solar powered, they are operated by remote control for ease and simplicity.

Light dimming blinds

These light dimming blinds from Velux enable you to control the amount of light that enters your room through your flat window. Made from a double-pleated blackout cloth, it also has an aluminium structure inside to improve insulation levels. They can be operated by electronic or solar powered remote control, depending on your original Velux window, but if it is a manually operated roof window you can also buy a control system. 

Products in VELUX Blinds for Flat Roof Windows:

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Showing 1-36 of 68