Aztec Pipe Flashing - Master Flash Standard - Square Base

Aztec International are the innovative brand behind the Master Flash pipe flashing products, and here at Roofing Superstore we are proud to offer the Master Flash products at our famously competitive prices. In this category you’ll find all Master Flash pipe flashing products with square bases.

What are Aztec Master Flash pipe flashings?

Master Flash pipe flashings consist of a plastic style cone, manufactured from EPDM or silicone - silicone is used for pipes that experience temperatures of over 250 degress, bonded onto a square soft aluminium base, which has a ribbed base that connects to the roof when combined with sealant.

Why choose a Master Flash pipe flashing?

There are a number of characteristics of Master Flash products that make them the product of choice when looking for a way to create a durable, waterproof and weathertight seal on roof penetrations. 

The soft aluminium base is easily moulded to the roof profile, meaning that the square base master pipe flashing can be used on most metal roof profiles. 

The EPDM or silicone sleeve is a strong and durable cone that can be cut to size onsite, to ensure that it is the perfect fit to the pipe that penetrates the roof, meaning that there are no gaps around the side which could let water into the roof space. 

The silicone or EPDM cone is also beneficial because its flexibility means that any vibrations and pipe movement that is caused by expansion and contraction will not cause any issues such as splits, cracks or movement away from the roof surface.

If you’re unsure of whether a square based Aztec Master Flash product is the best solution for pipe flashing on your roof, feel free to get in touch – call the team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to offer advice or recommendations. 

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