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Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of Vistalux PVC corrugated iron roof sheets available, at our famously competitive prices. Vistalux is a range from Ariel Plastics, who offer one of the widest choices of PVC products for the construction industry in the UK, from rooflights and drainage to cladding and roof sheets. 

As well as the PVC iron corrugated PVC roof sheets, we also offer a number of accessories including sealing strips and eaves fillers to add the finishing touches for your project. 

What are PVC corrugated iron roof sheets?

The PVC corrugated iron roof sheets from Vistalux have been manufactured to emulate corrugated iron roof sheets, to offer an alternative product for repairs or replacements on existing corrugated iron roofs, as well as a product that can be used on new projects. 

What are the benefits of using PVC corrugated iron roof sheets?

There are a number of benefits to using PVC corrugated iron roof sheets from Vistalux as opposed to a number of other roofing materials. 

Firstly, Vistalux corrugated iron roof sheets have a 10 year warranty – a replacement is provided free of charge if the product has failed in normal climatic conditions due to a manufacturing defect within 10 years from purchasing, as long as it is fixed following the manufacturer’s instructions. This provides peace of mind and reassurance that the roof sheet is of high quality and has been designed to last. 

The PVC used to create these corrugated iron roof sheets is strong yet lightweight, meaning handling and installation is easy without compromising on strength and performance. 

Additionally, each corrugated iron roof sheet has good workability – only basic tools are required to cut and drill the material easily onsite. 

Each PVC sheet is manufactured with a fine optical clarity, and provides three times more natural light into a building than the same sized piece of vertical glazing. This means that the amount of artificial light required is reduced, saving on energy bills and reducing emissions. 

The PVC corrugated iron roof sheets are also fire safe – the PVC is self extinguishing, melting away from any flames and will stop as soon as the source of the flames is removed.

If you have any queries about corrugated iron PVC roof sheets and whether they will be suitable for your latest project, call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be happy to help.

The video below shows how Vistalux can be used on a carport, and the installation process.

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