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When purchasing roof domes, you can choose to purchase the manufacturers upstand and the dome or glazing that goes on top to complete the roof dome, or you can choose to purchase the dome only. Purchasing the dome only typically means that the builder will create their own timber upstand or that the dome only part is a replacement part for a broken or old existing dome.

Dome only, also known as ‘glazing only’, refers to both polycarbonate domes and glass domes. Therefore, it isn’t just referred to as ‘glazing only’ as it doesn’t just refer to glass.

What glazing can I have for my roof dome only?

Dome only polycarbonate and glass glazing come in single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed variations. The type you choose should depend on where the roof dome is going and how much thermal insulation you will need. Glass can be chosen with a privacy tint for low-level bedrooms, bathrooms and other private areas. Polycarbonate glazing comes in privacy tint too, but also in bronze tint and opal tint.

Bronze tinted polycarbonate dome only domes gives you less solar glare and heat gain in areas that might otherwise find the light too bright. Heat gain prevents rooms from getting too hot, like a stuffy conservatory in the summer. A lower light transmission is achieved, depending on whether you choose single, double or triple glazing, which means that the light is diffused and soft rather than a sharp, crisp light beam.

Opal tinted polycarbonate dome only domes offer light transmission of up to 35%. Benefits of choosing opal tint include diffused light for softer daylight, a reduction in solar glare and heat gain, plus a slight obscurity of vision through the dome. This contributes to increased privacy levels without blocking out the view.

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