Mardome Direct Fix Glazing Unit

Mardome Direct Fix is the collection from Mardome that was formerly known as Mardome Reflex. Mardome has been the brand of choice in the skylight and rooflight market for a wide range of projects over the years, including domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. 

What is Mardome Direct Fix?

The Mardome Direct Fix range of flat roof windows consists of glazing only for a roof window or rooflight. The collection has been designed specifically for refurbishment or renovation projects, where a flat roof window already exists, and only the glazing needs replacing.

Each Mardome Direct Fix unit comes with a fixing kit, which includes weathertight washers and cover plugs, but does not come with flashings or a frame. 

Why choose a Mardome Direct Fix rooflight?

Each Mardome Direct Fix unit is manufactured from Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, which has a number of beneficial characteristics. Firstly, the polycarbonate used within each Mardome direct fix unit is incredibly strong – up to 200 times stronger than glass. This results in a high resistance to breakage, meaning if materials fall onto it or there is adverse weather, the unit will not collapse and leave the building vulnerable. 

Mardome Direct Fix units come in both square and rectangular shapes, and in a range of sizes, to ensure there is the correctly sized product for your project. Additionally, there are single skin, double and triple glazing options to choose from, depending on the levels of insulation, noise reduction and budget you have. 

Further options to choose from include the shade of glazing – clear, bronze, opal or textured options are available. Clear glazing allows for maximum light transmission and clarity of vision of the outdoors, whilst a bronze tint reduces solar glare and heat gain, but also reduces light transmission. The opal tint glazing allows high levels of light transmission, but the light transmission is diffused, and it also helps to prevent solar glare and heat gain. Textured glazing helps to combine privacy with high levels of light transmission by diffusing the daylight and impairing the view of objects within and outside of the glazing unit. 

If you’re unsure about which flat roof window is most suitable for your project, call our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat – they are on hand to offer advice and product recommendations from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

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