FAKRO Flat Roof Kerb Windows

FAKRO flat roof rooflights and windows from Roofing Superstore are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to ensure you can get the perfect match for your project. From leading brands that you trust, choose between flat roof rooflights or dome only options, both fixed and opening. Benefit from natural daylight no matter what your flat roof type with options such as kerbed flat roof windows, smoke vent flat roof rooflights or flat roof curved glass windows. We also supply loft windows in many of the options.

FAKRO flat roof kerbs are designed to raise the structural opening of a flat roof so that FAKRO windows can be installed even if the roof offers a 0 degree pitch. FAKRO kerbs come without the window and some of the products come without the upstand too so it's important that you check what you need first before purchasing. 

Products in FAKRO Flat Roof Kerb Windows:

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