FAKRO DEF Electrical Modular Rooflights

Flat roof rooflights and windows from Roofing Superstore are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to ensure you can get the perfect match for your project. From leading brands that you trust, choose between flat roof rooflights or dome only options, both fixed and opening. Benefit from natural daylight no matter what your flat roof type with options such as kerbed flat roof windows, smoke vent flat roof rooflights or flat roof curved glass windows. We also supply loft windows in many of the options.

Roof lanterns are extremely attractive flat roof windows that offer strength with the minimal amount of frame to maximise daylight. They’re extremely subtle in your roof and the discretion of roof lanterns contributes to an elegant and stylish look, with roof lantern rooflights available in white, grey and black. These roof lanterns let huge amounts of natural daylight into your room as well as giving you an extremely attractive conversation piece on clear evenings and sunny days. Shop our range of contemporary and traditional roof lanterns for inspiration.

Electric FAKRO rooflights are designed to make it even easier to open and close your flat roof window regardless of their location. Whether they're in a hard-to-reach place, too high up for you to safely open or you just want to make life easier, you can install an electric flat roof window. Available as double glazed or triple glazed, electric windows take advantage of a wireless network to connect to a remote control pad where you can operate your window easily.

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