Mardome Opening Rooflights

Roofing Superstore is proud to offer the latest range of Mardome opening Rooflights, all at our famously competitive prices. Mardome rooflights have been manufactured to the highest quality by Brett Martin Daylight Systems, the UK's largest and most innovative rooflight company. You can rest assured that each rooflight in the Mardome range has been developed to provide optimum performance and functionality, combined with contemporary design.

This selection of Mardome rooflights can be opened and closed manually with an extension pole, but there is also the opportunity to upgrade this function, so that each Mardome rooflight can be operated by remote control, and there is also the option to add a rain sensor, so you never have to worry about closing the rooflight when it starts raining. 

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of Mardome opening rooflights available. All glazing options provide 98% UV protection, which will protect residents from UV exposure, but also prevent furniture from fading. Double skin opening rooflights offer a u value of 2.7 W/Mk, whilst triple skin opening rooflights have a u value of 1.8 W/Mk.

Opening rooflight glazing can come in a range of colours and tints. Clear glazed opening rooflights provide maximum transmission of light into the home or building, whilst textured opening rooflights provide a level of privacy in the home or building, if the rooflight or building is overlooked or in build up areas. Opal glazed opening rooflights have been designed to diffuse light, and provide levels of solar control, reducing glare and preventing heat gain in the Summer and heat loss in the Winter. Bronze glazed opening rooflights act similarly, and have been manufactured specifically for solar control, to prevent heat gain and loss.

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Showing 1-36 of 342