Reflex Fixed Flat Rooflights

Reflex fixed flat rooflights use minimal frame to offer constructions a sleek and timeless look that will suit the internal and external decoration of a building for the extent of its life. Coated with marine-grade paint, Reflex flat roof windows are available with a Satin Black frame or a Satin Grey frame, both of which are weatherproof and durable.

Why choose Reflex fixed flat rooflights?

Opt for Reflex’s fixed flat rooflights as they are triple glazed as standard and require minimal maintenance from the offset. Marine-grade paint means that the coating on the frames is less prone to corrosion or being affected from installation in coastal areas where sea salt spray would in other cases cause harm. Marine-grade paint is designed to be weatherproof and durable, extending the looks of Reflex fixed flat rooflights and reducing maintenance.

Another low-maintenance benefit afforded from Reflex flat roof windows is that the triple-glazed toughened glass is self-cleaning. At 6mm thick, an easy-clean coating applied to all windows promotes self-cleaning during rainfall and makes the windows easier to clean should a homeowner or contractor wish to clean them.

Since the 6mm thick glass in Reflex fixed flat roof rooflights is triple-glazed as standard, homeowners can benefit from extra insulation throughout the property, aided by the thick glass, argon-filled 16mm cavities, and a foam spacer. This also offers slight respite from noise pollution. Also offering insulation for the property is the insulated upstand that’s built-in and comes with every Reflex flat roof window. The insulated upstand is required for structural integrity and to comply with safety requirements as per building regulations.

Where can Reflex fixed flat rooflights be installed?

Reflex fixed flat rooflights can be installed in any domestic, commercial or even industrial flat roof. The sleek and timeless style of these flat roof windows lend themselves to all types of property from modern flat roof extensions, to barn conversions and Victorian property renovations. The aluminium frame is designed to be as thin as possible to ensure there’s minimum frame on display with maximum window pane offering the most daylight and the most aesthetic appeal. With the frame hidden somewhat by the flashing lip, any size of Reflex fixed flat rooflight will have a minimal frame.

What options are available with Reflex fixed flat rooflights?

These flat roof windows, also known as fixed glass skylights, are a favourite thanks to their variety in sizes and glass tints. Sizes from 1000mm x 1000mm up to 1200mm x 1500mm are available for purchase immediately online whilst custom sizes and larger sizes are obtainable upon request from our customer service team on 01752 692 760.

Glass tints for these flat skylights include clear glazing, perfect for extensions and single storey flat roof builds with communal areas below, blue tint glazing that lends itself to softer light diffusion with no glare or strong beams of light, and privacy glazing which is perfect for rooms which need daylight but others might be able to look in to the property. With privacy glazing, the view in and out of Reflex fixed flat rooflights is obscured.

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