Reflex Walk-On Rooflights

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of walk on rooflights from Reflex. Walk on rooflights create a stunning feature, and are a definite conversation starter, as well as being practical. 

As well as installing walk on rooflights into roofs, they can also be used to brighten basements, create a feature in the garden or on a terrace, there are endless opportunities to create a dramatic effect in or around your home.

Reflex’s walk on rooflight have been designed to ensure safety, with 22.5mm of toughened external glass, a cavity of argon gas and another 6mm of internal glass, reducing sound and thermal transfer. You can choose a rooflight with anti-slip, which is a range of different attractive anti-slip coatings to increase safety but retain style with a range of designs.

Another option is to choose between clear glazing or blue tinted glazing. Blue tinted glazing disperses sunlight to reduce the glare of bright sunlight, and also protect furniture below the rooflight from fading.

Whichever walk on rooflight you’re looking for, don’t forget to give us a call on 01752 692760 if you have any questions or queries.


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