Optilight Roof Windows

The OptiLight range of windows is a brand new, best-selling centre-pivot window for all kinds of installation, including fixed roof windows and skylights. Click through below to discover more about OptiLight roof windows and place your order today.

Why choose OptiLight roof windows?

OptiLight roof windows are popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, each OptiLight roof window comes with integrated flashing, which provides a tight, durable and easy-to-install fixing on a number of different roof materials. Secondly, OptiLight window frames are manufactured from high quality pinewood for a natural feel, but the wood is then impregnated and coated with an environmentally acrylic finish, which protects the wood from both UV rays and poor weather. Another benefit of choosing OptiLight roof windows is that all OptiLight windows are double glazed with large glass panes, which allow maximum light to enter the room whilst also ensuring there is minimal heat loss and maximum noise insulation.

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