VELUX Laminated Electric Windows

Electric VELUX windows are designed to make your life easier and to maximise how effectively your VELUX windows work for you. Controlling your electric VELUX windows with one or more remote control pads means you’re able to open and close your windows from anywhere in your home and be confident that your command was actioned. Plus electric VELUX windows come in the ever-popular white-painted frame finish so you can retain your interior style.

Laminated VELUX window glazing

Standard laminated glazing from VELUX, known as Glazing 70, is designed for maximum safety and to help you save energy. The laminated inner pane contributes to safety, reducing the chance of your window being broken from the outside or the inside whilst the foils keep in the heat from the sun. Using laminated electric windows from VELUX will help to reduce heating costs and offers a solar heat gain of around 63%. As well as this the double glazing offers sound insulation of 35 dB, helping to protect you from outside traffic including planes and trains.

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