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Here at Roofing Superstore we have a great selection of sun tunnels and light tunnels to choose from, from reputable brands such as Monodraught, VELUX and FAKRO, and all at competitively low prices.

What are sun tunnels and light tunnels?

Sun tunnels and light tunnels are the perfect way to introduce more natural daylight into the room without needing a window. They channel light from outside of the building down through a tube and into the space or room below. 

Different types of sun tunnel

There are a variety of different sun tunnels and light tunnels available, depending on the area of installation, and the function of the sun tunnel.

Rigid sun tunnels

Rigid sun tunnels consist of a rigid tube between the cover at the top of the roof and the diffuser, that is situated within the room. The rigid tunnel is straight, and cannot be angled, but the benefit of a rigid sun tunnel is that the light does not need to bounce off the sides of the tunnel in order to reach the room – it just goes straight down in one motion. This means that less light is lost in the transmission from outside to inside the building.

Flexible sun tunnels

Flexible sun tunnels are perfect for those spaces where the room needs light, but it cannot travel directly down in a straight line from the roof to the room. Flexible sun tunnels consist of a bent or angled tube, which has a reflective interior to allow light to bounce off the sides until it reaches the room. This is useful in ceilings and roofs that have air conditioning units or other hardware that prevents the sun tunnel from being installed in a straight line.

Monodraught sunpipes

Monodraught sunpipes use an innovative diamond shaped dome on the top of the sunpipe, to act as  a suncatcher, maximising the amount of sunlight that enters the sunpipe. Additionally, the suncatcher systems from Monodraught provide passive ventilation, with one or more of the quadrants within the system facing into the wind to capture the air, whilst stale warm air from the room travels up and out of the sunpipe via its natural buoyancy. 

FAKRO light tunnels

FAKRO light tunnels use a dome shaped cap to capture sunlight on the outside of the flat roof. The more light that illuminates the dome, the more light that reaches the room below. Easy to install and manufactured from high quality products, FAKRO light tunnels are a great option to consider.

VELUX sun tunnels 

VELUX have brought their vast range of knowledge and experience to the sun tunnel market, using a design similar to their flat roof domes. The VELUX flat roof sun tunnel comes with a flexible pipe to allow use in a variety of different applications, and is a great way to bring natural light into the building when a flat roof window is not possible. 

For any questions or queries regarding sun tunnels, feel free to call our team on  01752 692760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

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