FAKRO Pitched Roof Light Tunnels

Light Tunnels can transform a dark, window-less room and bring in daylight where it wasn’t previously possible. Designed to capture as much light as possible with domes on the roof, FAKRO light tunnels filter daylight down through a reflective tunnel in order to disperse it into the room, stairway or hallway below. Suited for pitched roofs between 15 and 60 degrees, light tunnels are available for roofs with slates, tiles or shingles up to 10mm and for regular tiles up to 90mm. The domes of these sunlight tunnels have been designed so they’re self-cleaning and can quickly be freed of snow during adverse weather.

Why Choose FAKRO Light Tunnels?

Aside from illuminating previously dark spaces with new-found sunlight, light tunnels from FAKRO have many qualities that make them perfect for installation in your home. Not only are the domes on FAKRO pitcherd roof light tunnels self-cleaning but they’re also manufactured from polymethacrylate, a material that’s resistant to mechanical damage. A combination of this material and the 7-year guarantee afforded to the SLT light tunnel tube elements make sunlight tunnels a worthwhile long-lasting investment. In addition to this SRT light tunnel tube elements come with a 25-year guarantee, with the rest of the Fakro sun tunnel offering a 7-year guarantee.

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