Monodraught Sunpipe

Monodraught Sunpipes help you bring natural daylight into dimly lit spaces where it may not be possible to install a typical window. Suited for pitched roofs, sunpipes are an inexpensive option and they can make all the difference to stairwells, hallways and even home offices. Monodraught Sunpipes are available in a range of styles, compatible with many roof substrates and the finish of your home. If you’re unsure which Monodraught sunpipe is best suited to your project, call our expert roofing team on 01752 692760.

Sunpipe Benefits

To help you get natural light in your basement or an area without windows, a sunpipe is a cost-effective solution to bring the outdoors in. Natural daylight is important for leading a healthy life so installing a no-maintenance sunpipe that can also reduce your electricity costs for artificial light is a great idea. They’re extremely easy to install, with all sunpipe accessories and full installation packs available from us. Comprising a dome to collect the sunlight, a reflective tube to carry the light down it, and a diffuser to disperse the light inside the building, sunpipes distribute light evenly to create a natural look.

Sunpipes for flat roofs are available from Roofing Superstore and they can be installed on many roofing substrates including felt and asphalt. With a special extended flashing sunpipes for flat roofs can also be used on green roofs to ensure the daylight for the space below isn’t compromised.

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