Monodraught Flat Roof Sunpipe

Monodraught are considered the UK’s original sunpipe designers, finding innovative new ways to get natural light into poorly lit rooms. Sunpipes are reflective tubes that are angled and reflective in order to direct sunlight into rooms where roof windows or rooflights are less feasible. The Monodraught sunpipe uses a patented diamond dome shape to maximise sunlight entry.

The Suncatcher systems are flat roof sunpipes that act as a natural source of ventilation, as well as providing natural lighting. The natural ventilation works with the use of four quadrant, with one or more facing into the wind, which is carried down into the room below via internal ducts, whilst the stale air from the room is carried out due to its natural warm buoyancy. The natural sunlight is transferred through a mirror-finished aluminium tube, and then distributed evenly through a ceiling diffuser.

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of flat roof sunpipes and accessories from Monodraught to create the perfect natural lighting solution. If you have any questions or queries about a Monodraught flat roof sunpipe just give our team a call on 01752 692760


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