Sun Tiles

Suntiles are a great choice as a cheaper alternative to rooflights and sun tunnels. By replacing just one tile in your roof with a Suntile you can filter in daylight to bring more natural light into your home. The Quick Void Kit is suitable for spaces without ceilings, where sunlight needs to travel from the roof straight into the below space. For rooms with ceilings, you can opt for the Basic Kit, perfect for loft conversions. Where you need to channel light through a loft or roof space to get to the area you need light in, pick between the Short Extension Kit and Long Extension Kit. Both of these kits include 2.1m or 2.8m mirrored, reflective twin-walled polypropylene ducting that will carry the sunlight right where you need it! Even on overcast or grey days, the extension kits will allow Suntiles to give you plenty of daylight. Plus by switching off your light bulbs Suntiles can save you around £60 per year.

Natural daylight thanks to Suntiles

Suntiles magnify the daylight that filters through them so even on overcast days you’ll get light into your room, giving you the freedom to use your space without artificial lighting. Suntiles also filter through the light at night so you can unplug the night lights and simply leave the children’s bedroom door open for some natural moonlight. Although they’re only small they provide the same light that a 1m square window would let in and when the sunlight enters at the same angle as the roof it’s up to 8 times stronger than light coming in through a window.

An alternative to rooflights

If you don’t have space, the budget and the roofline to install a rooflight then a Suntile is a fantastic alternative. Designed to look like a standard roof tile, they’re hidden in the roofline so you could consider their use in listed buildings or conservations areas thanks to their minimal impact. Manufactured from impact-resistant polycarbonate that’s UV stable Suntiles are very affordable and could even save you money in the long run since you can switch off lights day and night. All components are manufactured in the UK including Suntiles’ ceiling diffuser which is made from UV stabilised ABS plastic.

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