VELUX Flat Roof Sun Tunnels

VELUX flat roof sun tunnels are designed for pitches between 0° and 15° so that you can let natural daylight into small spaces where a window may not be feasible. Flat roof sun tunnels require just 35cm of space so that their super reflective tunnels interiors can flood your room, corridor or stairwell with light.

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Flexible Flat Roof Sun Tunnel

Flexible flat roof sun tunnels have been designed to be installed in spaces where the height between the roof and the ceiling is 0.2m to 0.9m. They’re also used if the angle between the roof and the ceiling is small, not allowing for the installation of a rigid flat roof tunnel. This type of VELUX flat roof sun tunnel comes with a white PVC kerb with a polycarbonate cover so it looks as attractive on the outside of your building as it does on the inside.

Rigid Flat Roof Sun Tunnel

VELUX rigid flat roof sun tunnels can be used in distances between roof and ceiling of 0.8m to 6m. The rigid tunnel is supplied with two 45° bends to achieve a sturdy, long-lasting daylight system. Supplied with a white PVC kerb and polycarbonate cover, rigid flat roof sun tunnels have a 98% internal reflection rate.

Flat Roof Sun Tunnel Upgrades

When purchasing a VELUX flat roof sun tunnel from Roofing Superstore there are a range of upgrades and extras you can choose from to improve the performance of your sun tunnel. Extension sections can be used to increase the length of the flat roof sun tunnel if the distance from roof to ceiling is over 1.85m for example, and we also have kits available to lower the u-value of the sun tunnel. This can be done by installing an insulated trim ring and a thicker pane, which can be easily retrofitted to existing systems.

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