Contact Adhesive

Contact adhesives create a fast, flexible and reliable bond between materials that won’t be glued with regular adhesives. Non-porous materials that cause even the toughest of standard adhesives to falter can be tackled with contact adhesives. Often drying clear after application with a roller, contact adhesives cover different areas per litre depending on the manufacturer and the recommended coverage.

Suitable for use with wood, cork, stone, rubber and rigid PVC to name but a few materials, Roofing Superstore offers customers contact adhesive from the likes of ClassicBond, Firestone, Icopal and Roofing Superstore’s own brand too for a budget option. In quantities from 750ml to 18 litres and in spray or liquid form, there’s a comprehensive range of tools on offer too to complement these products.

Tools for use with contact adhesive include spray guns with extension hoses, gun kits, and pre-made kits to give you a contact adhesive for the designated square meter coverage. For more info on contact adhesive call our team on 01752 692 760 or use our live chat in the bottom right hand corner to speak to an expert.

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