Cavity Closers & Cavity Bricks

Cavity closers are a fantastic tool that help projects meet building regulations in terms of thermal bridging and providing a damp proof course. When looking for cavity closers from Roofing Superstore you can choose between plenty of options so you can fit the best fit for what you need. Opt for Manthorpe or Cavity Trays Yeovil and choose between pack sizes and the best fit for your application.

Why are cavity closers important?

Cavity closers can close wall cavities, door reveals and window reveals to minimise thermal bridging and be compliant with building regulations. Installing cavity closers can reduce heat loss, especially when opting for insulated cavity closers that will contribute even more overall to the building envelope. These economical and inexpensive products are typically made from UPVC and provide an effective damp proof course as well as protection from condensation and mould growth. 

Cavity closers and cavity bricks will help to improve thermal efficiency and each type of cavity closers available from Roofing Superstore is compatible with timber, metal, UPVC and composite window frames.

Products in Cavity Closers & Cavity Bricks:

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Showing 1-32 of 32