Twice Weathered Concrete Coping Stones

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of different twice-weathered concrete coping stones to choose from, from popular and high quality brand Eurodec. Use our easy guide to twice weathered concrete coping stones to help you find your perfect size, colour and thickness. 

Twice weathered coping stones are coping stones that have an inverted V shaped profile, allowing water to run off on both sides of the wall, and away from the brickwork below, ensuring that the water does not contribute to erosion and weathering of the brickwork and mortar over time. As well as the inverted V profile, the twice weathered coping stones also feature drip grooves on the underside, which encourage water to drop down and off the coping stone instead of going towards the brickwork and mortar.

These twice weathered coping stones are available in a range of dimensions, and choose between brick red, sand, slate and grey colours. Unsure which coping stones are best for your project? Get in touch by calling our team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be happy to help.

Eurodec Coping Stone are manufactured from high strength concrete. With the exception of grey coloured copings the finest quality pigments are incorporated at optimum levels to achieve an attractive range of colours. Copings are resistant to fade by UV under normal climatic conditions. Due to the inclusion of naturally quarried materials and the potential for differential drying it is possible variations in shade and colour may exist between different batches. The true aesthetic of the coping will not be revealed until after a period of exposure to sunlight and weathering has taken place. The addition of a lime reacting agent (Micro-silica) significantly combats the risk of efflorescence (lime-bloom). In the event of staining or discolouration the products strength, performance and all other characteristics will be unaffected. Coping stones are a hand-made product and therefore subject to manufacturers tolerances.

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