Expanding Foam

Expanding foams are a must have for a range of applications, from stopping draughts coming through small hard-to-reach gaps, to fitting doors and windows without leaving gaps, improving insulation and deadening sounds.

Expanding foam filler works by increasing up to 50 times in size when released from the aerosol can, meaning you can insert some filler foam into the gap that needs filling, and it will completely fill the area. The foam can then often be cut or sanded down to fall into line with the rest of the wall, frame or ceiling, and painted over so that it cannot be seen.

Choose from standard expanding PU foam, or exact gap foam, which will allow you to be more precise for smaller gaps. Additionally we have a range of fire resistant expanding foams – B2 grade means that it can be used for up to 2 hours fire resistance when used on pipe entires through fire rated walls, or as seals around fire rated doors and windows. Thermofoam is fire rated up to Class E, and is also very flexible, and absorbs component movement, meaning the seal will be airtight even if parts around it move. 

Expanding foams can be purchased in hand held aerosol cans, or alternatively in gun grade canisters that can be used with standard gun foam applicators. Here at Roofing Superstore we sell both hand held aerosol cans and gun grade canisters, as well as applicator guns and accessories, such as cleaner to remove expanding foam from surfaces.

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