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Manufacturers like FAKRO, Manthorpe, Youngman and Timloc have been hand-picked to supply loft ladders and loft hatches to open another space in your home. Loft ladders can be changed to fit a new look, or perhaps a new white painted loft hatch will match better with a newly-repainted hallway. Safe access to your loft space for storage and maintenance has never been so affordable.

There’s no need to compromise on style when you choose to purchase loft ladders or loft hatches from Roofing Superstore. Loft ladders and hatch products can be purchased separately or in combination, so the loft ladder comes already attached to the loft hatch using a safe drop-down mechanism. So you can, as a result, have loft hatches with ladders. Here you’ll also find access hatches for concealing electrical panels and building services, as well as for allowing boiler inspection access.

Choose between hinged loft hatches, drop down loft hatches, galvanised steel loft hatches, plastic loft hatches and loft hatches with up to 60 minutes of fire protection. Spoiled for choice? Talk to our customer service advisors on 01752 692 760 for help choosing which loft hatch and ladder works best for your project.

Loft ladders

Loft ladders from Youngman, Abru, Werner and Manthorpe can be purchased individually, without a loft hatch, in a wide selection of sizes and finishes. Manufactured in aluminium or in wood, aluminium loft ladders give a contemporary appearance whilst wood loft ladders give a traditional appearance that fits in with traditional bannisters and wooden staircases.

Depending on the height you need you’re able to choose how many sliding sections would best suit your use of ladder. Two, three and four sliding sections give different heights for different makes and models so be sure to double check you can achieve the height you’re after with your chosen ladder.

Make sure your access suits you by selecting stile ends for complete safety. Whether you use your loft ladder a handful of times a year for storage, or you require daily access, stile ends are a sure-fire way to make sure that the ladder doesn’t slip. This can happen on wooden floorboards and carpet, as well as most other common floor finishes, so be sure you’re protected. It’s often said that stile ends act as a finishing touch to loft ladder legs too, topping them off with a black rubber end to ‘frame’ the ladder.

Loft hatches

Loft hatches, also referred to as a loft access hatch or loft access door, at Roofing Superstore come from a selection of hand-picked suppliers to make sure we have a great offering of the best quality products. Availiable in many sizes and materials, you can enjoy such products as wooden loft hatch as a large loft hatch or even have an extra large loft hatch for the bigger spaces. Manthorpe and Timloc both offer white drop down loft hatches and white push up loft hatches too. Several opening options and fire-rating options mean you can pick the best loft hatch for your use.

Push up loft hatches are useful for areas where you’re able to reach your loft hatch without any issues. A push-to-release opening means all you must do is push up with both hands on the hatch and the catch will release, removing the hatch door fully. These types of loft hatches are useful for areas where space may be an issue when using a drop down loft hatch.

Drop down loft hatches require you to push up one side of the loft hatch where the catch will release and the hatch will swing down into the space below. The drop down loft hatch door is the most common type of domestic loft hatch, and these can be found with thermal properties to insulate the loft space or the space below.

Opening rods are a fantastic accessory product that will assist you if you’re unable to reach the loft hatch. If you opt for a drop-down loft hatch then you’re able to use the opening rod to push the loft hatch up and release the catch. There aren’t ideal for push up loft hatches however as you’d have to use two. Opening rods are a good safety feature too, preventing users from needing to stand on stools or from stretching and being unable to control the swing down of the hatch.

Fire rated loft hatches are another good safety feature to include as they will stop the spread of fire and flame for a certain amount of time so that homes can be safely evacuated. For example, if there’s an electrical fault in wiring in your loft space which causes a fire, the fire won’t have an easy time penetrating the loft hatch. This includes smoke too, reducing the risk of death by inhalation.

Combination loft ladders and loft hatches

Safe, stylish and functional access to your loft space can be gained by purchasing a loft hatch which already has a loft ladder attached to it. The products are designed together and manufactured to come together so you can be sure that they will fit together and work as they should. When the hatch drops down the ladder will be folded up on the inside of the hatch and you can pull this down at your own pace.

Another benefit of combination loft ladder and hatch is that loft hatches can be built full of insulating material to give some thermal properties. For example, FAKRO Komfort 3 loft hatch with built in loft ladder will offer a u-value of 1.1 W/m2K. This is perfect if you have a cold loft (your insulation finishes at ceiling level and doesn’t extend into the pitched sides of your roof) as the insulated loft hatch can improve the heating quality. A thermally efficient loft hatch and loft ladder combination will reduce draughts down from the loft and warm air from escaping up into the loft space.

Get started with a loft ladder kit to help you out with your installation!

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