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Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a wide range of chisels, picks & wrecking bars from a number of well-known and reputable brands with years of experience in creating the best tools for the job in hand, and all our tools come at our famously competitive prices.

Wrecking bars are large and heavy metal bars, that are often used as levers, in order to pull things apart, or pry a material away from the fixed area. Also known as crowbars, wrecking bars are designed with one flattened end, that is often split into a V, to be used to pull up nails and other items or act as a lever, whilst the other end is designed in a chisel shape, also used for levering things. Wrecking bars can also be used in conjunction with a hammer, to drive the chisel end into the ground for extra leverage.

Chisels are generally used to make cuts or marks in a range of different materials. Bolster chisels and cold chisels have been designed to break through hard materials, such as brick, stone and concrete when used with a hammer or mallet.

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