Rubbish Disposal & Rubble Bags

When working on a roofing or construction project, its important to ensure all rubbish is disposed of safely. Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of rubbish disposal products to ensure you can collect, transport and dispose of waste safely and easily.

Rubble sacks

We have a selection of rubble or rubbish sacks in black or white for use on building sites. They are developed as a superior grade, ensuring they are strong enough to hold large amounts of rubble.

Asbestos removal rubbish bags

When working on a project that involves asbestos, any asbestos waste must be packed in UN approved packaging, with a CDF hazard sign and asbestos code information. We stock asbestos removal sacks in both red and clear colours – standard practise is to use the red bag as an inner sack with asbestos warnings, and then use the clear bag as an outer cover with the CDG sign.

Rubbish chutes

When working on larger sites or on roofs, it may be beneficial to employ the use of chutes to transport rubbish safely between levels and directly into a skip or container without endangering passers-by or spreading rubbish around. 

Trolleys & sack trucks

Trolleys and sack trucks from Armorgard are useful for transporting heavy materials and rubbish around a building site safely and efficiently. Armorgard have ensured that all of their products have been built to last, and include double strength weld joints and heavy duty or puncture proof tyres, as well as a powder coated finish for maximum durability.


Products in Rubbish Disposal:

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