Youngman Board

Take a look at the latest Youngman board range of staging boards, crawling boards and handrail tubes, all at our famously competitive prices.

Youngman has over 90 years of experience in the working at height market, developing and manufacturing a range of products that provide solutions to working at height - including access platforms, loft ladders, stepstools, crawl boards and staging boards. 

Each Youngman staging board has been manufactured to create a safe and uninterrupted working platform. Each crawling board is incredibly lightweight, making transportation and set up quick and easy, whilst still being incredibly secure and safe. Each staging and crawling board has been tested and approved to BS 2037 Class 1, and each board has a slip-resistant coated decking for safety purposes.

When working on Youngman staging boards, it is recommended to install handrail tubes alongside each staging board. Youngman Handrail Tubes provide the perfect secure handrail system and includes toe clips for additional safety.

If you have any questions about which Youngman board is best for your latest project, feel free to give our team of experts a call on 01752 692760 or use the live chat, and we will be happy to offer guidance and advice.

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Showing 1-14 of 14