Tile & Slate Cutting Tools

When working with tile and slate, there are a number of tools that are required for cutting and holing the roofing materials. Here at Roofing Superstore we have a range of tools that will help ensure more accurate and easier slate and tile cutting and holing, including slate cutters and a roof tile cutter.

When you need to replace a broken slate tile, you can use a slate cutter with hole punch to ensure the slate is cut to the right size, and has a hole to hang on the roof. If you are cutting a number of slates, or would like a more accurate cut, you can choose a slate guillotine instead, which will cut the slate in a single action.

If slates need to be cut in a more complex way than just a straight line, you can use tin snips, tile nibblers, or tile croppers.

For heavy duty cutting and holing, we have a number of tile croppers, slate borers and guillotines. We also have a number of blades and cutting disks.

Alternatively, the slaters pack has everything you’ll need for working with slate tiles, from a slate ripper and cutter to a hammer, a scribe and an axe.

If you have any questions about which tile & slate cutting tools are best for the job, give our team a call on 01752 962760

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