Welding Machines

Welding is a crucial part of roofing, and bitumen, lead, plastic and metal sheets can be welded together to create a single sheet, sealing flat or pitched roofs.

Here at Roofing Superstore a range of welding machines from Leister, a reputable manufacturer of reliable quality roofing equipment that helps to weld sheets of varying materials together, even in situations of undervoltage or minimal space. The welding machines by Leister will enable you to speed up your welding processes, whilst being more accurate than can be achieved by hand. Using a welding machine will save you time and money whilst ensuring that roofs are leak free and weatherproof.

We also stock a walkover welding kit, which is more suitable for small repairs and DIY or home improvements. This welding kit will enable you to weld to much smaller areas for accuracy, and is more easily portable.

If you have any questions or queries about the most suitable welding machine for your project, feel free to give our team a call on 01752 692760


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