There are many applications that can benefit from lead alternatives. Below you can discover those applications and ensure you understand their uses for making an informed purchase decision.

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What applications can I use lead alternatives for?

Weather-resistant flashing for roofs is traditionally made from lead. However, there are multiple applications for lead-free alternatives. Because of the rising cost of lead, theft of lead and concerns around its toxicity, people are looking for an alternative that is easy to work with.

Lead-free flashing applications

Lead-free flashing can be applied to flat or pitched roofs, around roof tile vents, windows, chimneys, and abutments. It is suitable for many applications including slate, concrete, clay, and metal.

Respected brand names that you’ll recognise as manufacturers of other top roofing products such as UbbinkKloberDEKS, and Cromar offer lead alternatives.

Growing in popularity, lead alternatives are often self-adhesive and can be easily cut with knives or scissors. These alternatives are lightweight, cheaper than lead, and at a stable price. Lead-free alternatives are on the rise in popularity and have no scrap value, so they are at no risk of theft. Some areas in the US even report that squirrels are wearing down lead flashing, causing alternatives to be chosen!

Lead flashing alternatives come in a variety of thicknesses and roll sizes so that you can order exactly what you need with no fuss. Lead alternatives are available to suit all needs, typically manufactured from a polymer rubber with a metal grid inside to offer slightly more rigidity whilst keeping the product malleable. They are also often self-adhesive. For example, where you would normally use code 4 lead for window flashings you can use Easy Lead Self Adhesive Lead Alternative instead of lead flashing.

Reasons for choosing a lead-free flashing

  • Cost-effective
  • Malleable
  • Last up to 30 years
  • Safe to handle
  • Non-toxic
  • No contamination of run-off
  • No scrap value
  • Environmentally friendly

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