Plywood is designed in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths to accommodate to a variety of projects in construction. Here you can find a guide to available sizes from admired brands to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

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Plywood sheet sizes

There are a variety of brands that offer plywood. At Roofing Superstore you can find plenty of plywood. For a guide on plywood sizes, see below:

General purpose hardwood plywood

General purpose hardwood plywood2.44m1.22m3.6mm
General purpose hardwood plywood2.44m1.22m5.5mm

Marine plywood

Marine plywood2.44m1.22m5.5mm

Shuttering plywood

Shuttering plywood2.44m1.22m9mm
Shuttering plywood2.44m1.22m12mm
Shuttering plywood2.44m1.22m18mm

Structural hardwood plywood

Structural hardwood plywood2.44m1.22m9mm
Structural hardwood plywood2.44m1.22m12mm
Structural hardwood plywood2.44m1.22m18mm

Structural plywood B/C grade

Structural plywood B/C grade 2.44m1.22m12mm
Structural plywood B/C grade2.44m1.22m18mm

Brazillian pine structural sheathing plywood

PlywoodLengthWidthThickness (*=from)
Brazilian Pine Structural Sheathing Plywood2.44m1.22m*9mm

What is the most common plywood size?

Typically the most commonly used plywood is four by eight foot sheets. When it comes to structural plywood, a supplier will also supply proof of strength performance. This indicates the plywood has passed building regulations and can be used for structural use in building work.

However, it is worth noting general plywood does not have proof of strength performance. In this case, it should not be used for structural applications.

If you are unsure about which plywood size you need or which type you should use, speak to the manufacturer. You can also speak to our advisors using the helpline or check out more about plywood via our Help and Advice guides. 

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