Roofing Superstore supplies an array of polycarbonate roof sheets. If you’re not sure how to cut polycarbonate roof sheets, you’re in luck! Use our polycarbonate cut-to-size tool to order your polycarbonate sheets at the right size for your project.

We will cut the sheets to your exact size requirements for a bespoke product. So you can order your polycarbonate roof sheets cut to size and at competitive rates.

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Benefits of polycarbonate roofing when cut to size

With our cut-to-size calculator, you benefit from:

  • Zero wastage from cutting
  • Pay only for the sheet you need
  • 3-day delivery service
  • Sheets supplied taped with foil and breather tape
  • Professional service and support

Cut to size polycarbone sheets tool

Learn more about polycarbonate roof sheets

We have more help and advice dedicated to polycarbonate roofing. Explore our guides such as ‘How to fit polycarbonate roofing‘ and more for other information surrounding your chosen material.

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